Parasailing Safety

Your Safety is Very important to us !

We are the only Parasail Company on Canyon Lake and have a perfect safety record. Canyon Lake Parasail Adventures meets or exceeds current parasail industry safety standards. Our boat is custom built for parasailing and was designed to provide the safest and most comfortable ride.

We use two new improvements to the parasail industry – the Chute Wrangler and the Para Snail. The Chute Wrangler comes in handy in the event of a line separation or a winch failure. It is designed to assist in the recovery of a parasail. When the Chute Wrangler is deployed into the water, it brings the parasail to a slow stop.

The Para Snail is also an emergency equipment that when deployed off of the bow it gives the crew time to fix the problem or to call for help, all in a slow and controlled manner. It is our goal to offer a fun and safe parasail ride to all our guests.

Here are some YouTube videos to show you how our safety equipment works in action.

Chute Wrangler



Para Snail


In Case of a Motor Problem ! PHRED




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